Thursday, January 30, 2014

028: State of the Union

I did not watch the State of the Union address this week. I am too busy working, trying to raise a family, pursuing my own spiritual life, and dealing with my own life challenges. I am not too interested in politics as the spectator sport and circus it has become, nor do I affiliate with any political party. I believe the constitution was divinely inspired and that we should fight for and defend our freedoms.

Our union is in an increasingly corrupted and darkened state. We are putting our time, effort, and treasure into things of no lasting value. We fulfill prophecy, unfortunately, and call good evil and evil good. How is it that we give such good and pleasing names to things that are contrary to God's plan?

As an aside, I wonder how much it cost to hold the SOTU talk on Tuesday, including time for staffers, security, government officials, media, travel costs, etc.? And how much those funds could have offset homelessness issues in some of our major US cities? Then this Sunday the Super Bowl, which is another reflection of the state of our union. This event has perhaps surpassed the extravagant and decadent spectacle of the ancient Roman colosseum, with multi-million dollar television ads, box seats costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, all sorts of debauchery surrounding the event, not to mention all the time and money spent by individuals to attend or watch….a complete desecration of the Sabbath day. Just think of how the money, resources, and time spent on these two events alone could impact our society for good.

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