Sunday, December 13, 2015

047. "Are doubts or questions wrong?"

From Hugh Nibley: The Faithful Scholar ( Originally entitled ''Nibley the Scholar," this previously unpublished manuscript is an interview conducted by Louis Midgley at a BYU forum assembly on 21 May 1974. 

MIDGLEY: Is it our lot to do or die, but never ask why? Or in the Church should we ask why and expect to receive an answer?

NIBLEY: Well, we ask that of our Heavenly Father. You have a perfect right to do that any time you want. You go to him.... Every man has to receive revelation for himself, and this is very important. One of the grandest principles of the gospel is that every man receives his own revelation. There are some good quotations from Joseph Smith on that.

MIDGLEY: Are doubts or questions wrong?

NIBLEY: You take every instance in which people ask the questions, and they are the ones who are particularly blessed. Like the brother of Jared or Moses or Abraham. And Moses*, remember, says in the Book of Moses, "I will refuse to be comforted" (Moses 7:44). He breaks down; he just doesn't understand it. And Abraham is the same way. They really question, and the Lord blesses them for that. He blesses them and shows them the way. You do find these cases in which the man almost rebels, but the Lord always welcomes that. The same thing is true of Abraham.

*I believe Nibley was referring to big deal, someone got it wrong somewhere, no one's perfect.

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