Monday, February 6, 2017

064. Christ's Church

The only true church is a church whose foundation is built upon the Rock of Jesus Christ. There are a multitude of false Christian religions throughout the world that base their religion on someone's interpretation of a scripture or as a result of a schism among church leaders. However, it is only those who are led by the Spirit of God who become the Sons of God. Thus, those whose spiritual foundation is built upon the Rock of Christ are the true church of Jesus Christ, rather than a foundation composed of trust in men, traditions, and vanity, which is unstable and will surely crack under the pressures of the world.

People are often searching for a new church to join. One of the major reasons for seeking out a new church is to find other people that believe in the same way. However, you do not need to join a church to find others that believe in Christ. When you become a part of His church, He will find ways to lead you to know other people in His church. Christ's people can be found throughout the world. They are also led by the Spirit of God and Christ can help you to find them.

So, church is not really somewhere you go. Rather, you first go to Jesus Christ and develop a personal relationship with Him. Then, He leads you to becoming a part of His Church, being grafted in to the True Vine so that you will ultimately bear the good fruit in His cause. A gathering of people who meets in the name of Jesus Christ and who are led by the Holy Spirit are part of the true Church of Jesus Christ.

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