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076: Conquer Yourself and Hasten To Do Good

Dhammapada Part II

The immature are their own enemies, doing selfish deeds which will bring them sorrow. (66) That deed is selfish which brings remorse and suffering in its wake. (67) But good is that deed which brings no remorse, only happiness in its wake. (68)

Sweet are selfish deeds to the immature until they see the results; when they see the results, they suffer. (69)

As fresh milk needs time to curdle, a selfish deed takes time to bring sorrow in its wake. Like fire smoldering under the ashes, slowly does it burn the immature. (71)

Even if they pick up a little knowledge, the immature misuse it and break their heads instead of benefitting from it. (72)

The immature go after false prestige -- precedence of fellow monks, power in the monasteries, and praise from all. (73) "Listen, monks and householders, I can do this; I can do that. I am right and you are wrong." Thus their pride and passion increase. (74)

As irrigators guide water to their fields, as archers aim arrows, as carpenters carve wood, the wise shape their lives. (80)

As a solid rock cannot be moved by the wind, the wise are not shaken by praise or blame. (81) When they listen to the words of the dharma (i.e., law, unity of life, the Way), their minds become calm and clear like the waters of a still lake. (82)

Good people keep on walking whatever happens. They do not speak vain words and are the same in good fortune and bad. (83) If one desires neither children nor wealth nor power nor success by unfair means, know such a one to be good, wise, and virtuous. (84)

Few are those who reach the other shore; most people keep running up and down this shore. (85) But those who follow the dharma (i.e., law, unity of life, the Way), when it has been well taught, will reach the other shore, hard to reach, beyond the power of death. (86)

They leave darkness behind and follow the light. They give up home and leave pleasure behind. (87) Calling nothing their own, they purify their hearts and rejoice. (88) Well trained in the seven fields of enlightenment, their senses disciplined and free from attachments, they live in freedom, full of light. (89)

They have completed their voyage; they have gone beyond sorrow. The fetters of life have fallen from them, and they live in full freedom. (90)

The thoughtful strive always. They have no fixed abode, but leave home like swans from their lake. (91)

Wisdom has stilled their minds, and their thoughts, words, and deeds are filled with peace. (96) Freed from illusion and from personal ties, they have renounced the world of appearance to find reality. Thus they have reached the highest. (97)

They make holy wherever they dwell, in village or forest, on land or at sea. (98) With their senses at peace and minds full of joy, they make the forests holy. (99)

Better than a speech of a thousand vain words is one thoughtful word which brings peace to the mind. (100)

One who conquers himself is greater than another who conquers a thousand times a thousand men on the battlefield. (103) Be victorious over yourself and not over others. (104) When you attain victory over yourself, not even the gods can turn it into defeat. (105)

Better than performing a thousand rituals month by month for a hundred years is a moment's homage to one living in wisdom (107)

Better to live in virtue and wisdom for one day than to live a hundred years with an evil and undisciplined mind. (111) Better to live in freedom and wisdom for one day than to lead a conditioned life of bondage for a hundred years. (113)

Hasten to do good; refrain from evil. If you neglect the good, evil can enter your mind. (116)

If you do what is evil, do not repeat it or take pleasure in making it a habit. An evil habit will cause nothing but suffering. (117) If you do what is good, keep repeating it and take pleasure in making it a habit. A good habit will cause nothing but joy. (118)

Evildoers may be happy as long as they do not reap what they have sown, but when they do, sorrow overcomes them. (119) The good may suffer as long as they do not reap what thy have sown, but when they do, joy overcomes them. (120)

Let no one think lightly of evil and say to himself, "Sorrow will not come to me." Little by little a person becomes evil, as a pot is filled with drops of water. (121) 

Let no one think lightly of good and say to himself, "Joy will not come to me." Little by little a person becomes good, as a pot is filled by drops of water. (122) 

If you have no wound on your hand, you can touch poison without being harmed. No harm comes to those who do no harm. (124) If you harm a pure and innocent person, you harm yourself, as dust thrown against the wind comes back to the thrower. (125)

Some are born again. Those caught in evil ways go to a state of intense suffering; those who have done good to a state of joy. But the pure in heart enter nirvana. (126)

If, hoping to be happy, you strike at others who also seek happiness, you will be happy neither here nor hereafter. (131) If, hoping to be happy, you do not strike at others who are also seeking happiness, you will be happy here and hereafter. (132)

Speak quietly to everyone, and they too will be gentle in their speech. Harsh words hurt, and come back to the speaker. (133) If your mind is still, like a broken gong, you have entered nirvana, leaving all quarrels behind you. (134)

As a cowherd(er) with his staff drives cows to fresh fields, old age and death lead all creatures to new lives. (135) The selfish, doing harm, do not know what is in store for them. They are burned as if by fire by the results of their own deeds. (136)

But those whose mind is serene and chaste, whose senses are controlled and whose life is nonviolent -- these are true brahmins (i.e., priests), true monks, even if they wear fine clothes. (142)

As a well-trained horse needs no whip, a well-trained mind needs no prodding from the world to be good. (143)

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